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Leading Ladies: Connor

Leading Ladies: Connor

I love gushing about how wonderful my friends are! Maybe I'm biased, but I do believe that I'm surrounded by the best. I have so many ladies in my life that have amazing talents or just inspire me all around. From time to time, I'll be featuring ladies on my blogosphere that are motivating and smart with gorgeous personalities!

Highlighting other women is one of the main reasons I wanted to start a blog. The 1st lady I want to gab about is Connor.

Have you ever met someone and felt like you've known them your whole life? Well, that's how I feel about Connor. What do we have in common? Crohn's, blogging, fashion and LOTS of laughs! 

How we met: We both share the sweetest friend, Erin, who introduced us to one another at her birthday dinner. Erin had told me about a friend that had Crohn's disease (a disease that I also have and have had since I was nine years old) but I didn't want to blurt this out over dinner. Probably not a topic of choice while eating, lol! Long story short, I reached out to Connor a few weeks later to see if she would be interested in meeting up and talking blogs, life, crohn's, etc. (Thank you for saying yes, Connor!)

Ya see, Connor is also a blogger and since I was just getting into blogging, I was really craving some honest opinions and advice. We decided to meet and discussed crohn's and blogging over an acai bowl...hold the cashew's, please(!). Talking became laughing which turned into snorting! 

I love when you meet other girls that are supportive, who genuinely want to help you grow, and who want to see you succeed in all aspects of life. Connor has supported my blog and me since day one! Since we've met, we've had several photo shoots, a LOT of coffee and some serious good times. I love that we can bounce ideas off of each other - two heads are better than one! We also have each other's back at awkward events. This is nice, because going to events alone is kind of my nightmare, haha!  

Connor has a very contagious personality and it shows in her writing and through her pictures. She loves to encourage other ladies and she proves that in her posts. She is a true supporter: no judgments and no competition. If you are lucky enough to score a friend and colleague like Connor, you better keep them around. 

You should always reach out and encourage other women. Why be competitive or catty? Get yourself a girl gang and support the heck out of them! 

Please check out Connor's blog and follow her on instagram. Y'all she is FUNNY!! I guarantee she will make you laugh and smile! 

Click the link below and show Connor some love!

Website: www.tousledup.com / Instagram: @connorwiegand



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